Digital Photography Workshops

        Rhodus Photography is pleased to announce that we now offer one day digital photography workshops for individuals or small groups who are interested in taking their digital photography to the next level.  The workshops are designed for novice nature photographers who are comfortable with their digital cameras and are wanting to improve their photographic skills.

        Each workshop will be custom tailored to meet the needs and shooting preferences of the individual or group.  Each participant will receive personal instruction from Wayne as they practice photographic techniques in the field.  The classroom portion of the workshop will cover digital workflow techniques, taking your photos from camera to print.  Included in workshops are instruction in the following areas:

                                        In the Field                                                    In the Classroom

                                  Camera Controls                                            Image Transfer
                                  Seeing the Light                                             Image Processing
                                  Composition                                                   Output Options
                                  Focusing                                                          Printing Options
                                  Tripping the Shutter                                      Sharing Your Images

        Take the mystery out of your digital camera and add in the fun with friendly, non-technical instruction from Wayne.  Workshops are available year round (weekends only).  To schedule your workshop contact Wayne by email at or by phone at 913-526-3208.

        Standard workshop fees (per person):    Half day - $75.00        Full day - $150.00